Longsheng City Guide

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces

Longsheng, a small town in Guangxi, is a quiet and natural town which is surrounded by the mountains and covered by the luxuriant vegetation. The Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces which are 27 kilometers from Longsheng are the most famous rice terraces in China, and they take the total areas of 66 m2.

Dragon's Backbone Rice TerracesThe Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are created by the people in Yuan Dynasty while completed in Qing Dynasty, which made they possess the history of about 700 years. The Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are kept intact and naturally. You can hardly find out the modern families here. The terrace looks like the beautiful belts or ribbons waving from the foot to the peaks. The terraced field is built along the mountain slope with the elevation of about 885m. It would be amazing if you watch them form far away or from the top.

The people who live in the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are Zhuang people. They have lived here for a long time and the life here looks so peaceful. Ant the terraces have different features in different areas, so you don't worry which season would be the best time to visit this kind of natural scenery, don not forget to take the camera.

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